Item Name Price
Walk On Non Members £30
Walk On Standard Member £25
Walk On Plus Member £20
Walk On Serving Forces (with ID) £23
Rental Gun Package (Includes Walk On) £45

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@aceairsoft Jun 20, 14:07

Next Game - "The Line" An action packed epic Airsoft day as two opposing forces in deadlock fight it out for ground…

@aceairsoft Feb 20, 18:06

Book in before March 5th & have a chance to win a RIF, the more book the better the prize, spread the word.... It c…

@aceairsoft Feb 20, 18:02

Sunday 5th March 2017 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00 "Chernobyl" Airsoft Game - find out more at…

@aceairsoft Jan 20, 14:21

Sunday 5th February 2017 @ Wolverhampton, UK 08:30 - 16:00 "Love vs Hate" Airsoft Game Possible story line with awe…

@aceairsoft Jan 05, 21:19

Plenty of people booking in now for this Sunday 8th Jan 2017. DON'T FORGET - IT'S ONLY £25 Walk On + members discounts still apply :D

@aceairsoft Dec 24, 15:31

Sunday 8th January 2017 @ Wolverhampton 08:30 - 16:00 January Blues Game - Only £25 Walk On (+ members discounts st…

@aceairsoft Dec 14, 16:21

The Big One: A Theme Park, An Abandoned Zoo + Battles + Camping + Party = AWESOME AIRSOFT!! Coming to Southport Mer…

@Gala_Morgane Sep 29, 15:20

Omg!! Send help!! Thanks @events2scare for the picture!!

@GAMEHighcross Aug 27, 21:28

swinging by the #nowtv stand ! @HirenIgnite

@aceairsoft Aug 27, 21:16


@IdiiBhaxx Aug 27, 21:16

Very busy day at #Insomnia58 on the @NOWTV stand with @rede2tweet. Come & say hi! 😝

@FoxyFauna Aug 27, 21:11

Last time on The Walking Dead.... "NOW TV CORRRRRRRRRRRL" #i58 #NowTV #Zombies #TWD #TheWalkingDead #insomnia58

@aceairsoft Aug 02, 23:26

Next Exciting Action Packed Game at Ace Airsoft Wolverhampton Sunday 7th August 2016

@aceairsoft Jun 21, 17:25

Next Exciting Game: Sunday 3rd July 2016 @ Wolverhampton (08.30 - 16.30) Booking Link:

@aceairsoft Feb 23, 12:05

Sunday 13th March 2016 "Operation Cracked" Easter Egg Wars - Eggs to be won. Honestly it's no "Yolk"!

@aceairsoft Feb 09, 11:42

There are only a couple of hire guns left now for our Valentines Day Game so if you need one be quick to book.

@aceairsoft Feb 09, 11:41

We'll be giving away a box of chocolates to one lucky winner on Valentines Day Game.

@aceairsoft Feb 09, 11:40

Over 30 people booked on for Sunday 14th Feb's game, however only a couple of ladies have booked on so protect the King and Queen Games.

@aceairsoft Feb 06, 16:40

Parents are welcome to wait in the Safe Zone Area for free unless they have eye protection (we have safety glasses available £2 to hire).

@aceairsoft Jan 27, 12:16

Next Game, Valentine's Special: "Battle of the Sexes"

@aceairsoft Jan 27, 08:55

@DanConroy3D not at the moment sorry it isn't however we are looking to do games there in the future. Cheers

@aceairsoft Jan 03, 14:58

@andyru68 Hahaha looks like it lol. Happy New Year bud ;)

@aceairsoft Dec 24, 19:07

@andyru68 and you to mate ;)

@aceairsoft Dec 24, 19:06

@KsfAirsoft your welcome and thanks. Have a great Christmas ;)

@aceairsoft Dec 24, 13:07

Merry Christmas all. We have some great things lined up for 2016, be sure to check us out

@aceairsoft Aug 20, 19:46

Next Game "Cry of The Wolf" Sunday 6th Sept 2015 #aceairsoft

@aceairsoft Jul 16, 12:57

Next exciting game 2/8/15, including actors, get booked in folks its going to be awesome

@aceairsoft Jan 05, 16:21

January Blues Airsoft Game ONLY £15 Walk On with your own kit?

@aceairsoft Nov 25, 10:25

Sunday 28th December 2014 Xmas Special SAVING SANTA’S CHRISTMAS – “RETURN OF THE GRINCH”

@aceairsoft Jun 09, 20:52

Next Game Sunday 13th July 2014 - New World Order "Missing in Action".

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Next Game - Sunday 2nd July 2017

Next Open Game - Sunday 2nd July 2017 - Wolverhampton

You really aren't going to want to miss this epic and action packed battle as two opposing forces in deadlock fight it out for ground control!

Hope to see you there or be square

Walk on Non Members £30 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Standard Members £25 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on Plus Members £20 (pre booking required & pay on the day)
Walk on for Serving Forces £23 (pre booking required & pay on the day - Valid ID required)

Limited Hire Weapons and Hire Kit available £45 all inclusive.
ALL HIRES MUST be booked online and paid for in advance before being reserved for you. (Please see below to book)
Hire Kit Comprises: (1 x MP5 or G36C or UMP, 1 x Magazine, 1,000 Rounds of BB Ammo & 1 x Mesh Mask).
Additional Ammo - £9.00 per 3,000 rounds

Hire Gun Booking Link

Walk On Booking Link:
(Book Online & Pay on the day)